Incredible Eating


Incredible eating

Exceptional food at the heart of your journey


Fire fuelled cooking in the forest, forest banquets, world-renowned restaurants and an array of global flavours

Incredible eating

We are obsessed with exceptional, innovative, creative food that takes you on a journey

Forest Banquets

Tucked away in a secluded part of the Village, the forest banquet is a truly unforgettable experience, curated by a collection of the UK’s most celebrated chefs.

Table In The Woods

A 28-seater chef's table dining experience, led by some of the world's most innovative, exciting and sought after culinary masters.

Village Restaurants

Kricket, Pophams, Mollis, Konjo, Mousetail and more; exceptional food in beautiful surroundings.

Global Street Food

From vegan wonders to slow-cooked meats, we're home to the very best names in global street food.

A close-up photograph of a dish being prepared at Lost Village.
  • Boundary-pushing dishes
  • World-renowned chefs
  • Perfectly paired drinks
A photograph of two smiling women as they converse at a banquet at Lost Village.
A photograph of a chef preparing food.
A close-up photograph of a dish at Lost Village.