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Boutique Sanctuary

The amazing Boutique Sanctuary is a world all of its own. Tucked away in a totally private part of the Lost Village.

A photograph of the tops of tents at Lost Village.

Pre-Pitched Camping

A reserved camping pitch and pre-pitched tent, with everything set up and ready for you when you arrive.

An image of the top of a tent to illustrate the pre-pitched camping offering at Lost Village.


If you’re driving to the festival it's essential you purchase a car parking pass in advance.

A cinematic photograph of the inside of an abandoned vintage car.

Energy Garden

A harmonious retreat for those seeking a little zen. Wood-fired hot tubs, dry-Finnish saunas, yoga, massage and more.

A photograph of someone luxuriating in a hot tub at Lost Village.

Incredible Eating

Lakeside banquets, world-renowned restaurants and an array of global flavours; incredible eating is at the heart of your Lost Village experience.

A photograph of people enjoying a meal under a shelter with festoon lighting in the middle of the woods.
A photograph of a person arranging a sleeping bag.

Click & Collect Camping Equipment

Why purchase costly brand new camping equipment, when you can purchase salvaged and reconditioned equipment in advance and collect it on arrival at the festival? This reduces waste and saves you from carrying lots of equipment on your journey to Lost Village – let us do the hard work for you.

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ZooLoos Powder Room

Luxury toilets, hot showers and pamper stations in the General Campsite, so you can start the day right.

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